September 30, 2018


The watch

Décantheure is an automatic watch for people who enjoy wine.

The timepiece keeps track on time and can be used to optimize your enjoyment of wine. Either if you decant wine or just want to follow a bottle of wine as it evolves over the course of an evening.

The name Décantheure is a rather playful combination of ‘decanteur’ (decanter in French) with ‘heure’ which means ‘time’ or ‘hour’.

Automatic Movement

Décantheure is an automatic watch and thus completely self-winding. No batteries needed. Just wear the watch regularly and it will wind itself up. It can also be wound by hand using the crown placed at 4H.

The watch is made from 316L stainless steel, offering high strength, durability and long-lasting visual appearance.

The mechanical movement – made by the Seiko in Japan – can be watched in action through the see-through back. Seiko movements are robust and sturdy and can, whenever needed, be serviced by watch makers everywhere.


The see-through-back is made of Champagne bottle green mineral glass.

Sapphire-glass Front

The front glass is made of sapphire crystal, the toughest and most scratch resistant watch glass available.

Design style

Décantheure is classic, compact (the case has a diameter of is 40mm and a height of 11.5mm) and discreetly hides under any cuff.  It also works very well in an informal setting.

From a distance, the artwork or Décantheure looks almost ornamental so only the ones in the know will be able to distinguish this unique wine-timer from any world-timer.

The Strap

We deliver Décantheure with a quality handmade strap (made in Germany): It is made in calf leather which has been tanned in Germany. As default Décantheure has a strap in “nature” color.