March 2, 2019

Decanting with Décantheure

Use Decántheure as a normal watch

Décantheure can be used as a normal watch. The correct time and date is set using the pull-out crown at 4H. Half-pulled out controls the date. Fully pulled out controls the time.

Adjusting the time and date.

Use Decántheure when decanting wine

This feature is particularly useful when decanting a wine that requires more than 1 hour of decanting. The first step is to open a bottle of wine and pour it into a decanter.

Decanting with Décantheure

The wine to be drunk is a Pinotage. The Pinotage is decanted at 8:23pm and ready to drink at 9:23pm when the hour hand has reached the end of the white arc.

Use Décantheure when drinking wine

Pour a glass of wine and experience how the wine “opens up” as times passes. With Décantheure it is easy to keep exact track of time.

Using Décantheure to keep track of minutes passed.

Just rotate the internal bezel using the crown at the 2H position to fix the starting point and the time passed can be read in 5 minutes intervals.

This function is similar to how a diver’s watch is often used.